Is Drinking And Driving Really That Bad?

Is Drinking And Driving Really That Bad?

Since the invention of the car driving has over lapped with the use of alcohol. One question that has loomed over our society is “exactly how bad is drinking and driving?” Many old and outdated studies back the notion that once your blood alcohol content (BAC) level reaches over 0.08% it’s time to give up the keys and have a designated driver take you home.  However, these studies have been criticized for multiple reasons, including having a control group that was too small. 

It is stunning that just most automobile accidents involve the use of alcohol.  A large dose of alcohol depresses the nervous system, which results in a much slower response time and the impairment of motor skills. This lowers your ability to react to sudden occurrences. Someone who has been drinking also has their muscular coordination impaired even at 10 to 12 hours after drinking. The depression of the brain centers is the main factor why driving while intoxicated is dangerous for you and everyone else who is on the road.

That fact remains that once your blood alcohol level reaches .08% and all your skills have been impaired you have no business on the road. Scientific fact is indisputable so next time someone says they “feel fine” that should be even more the reason for them to give up their keys.

Here is a chart that will help you gauge when you may have had too many drinks to get behind the wheel:


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